About us

The Association “The Environment Engineering Group” was founded in 2005 by engineers, students, lawyers, young people and a bit elderly who care about the environment.


The members have been joined due to the mutual vision of better and healthier future in which the environment would be respected and not exploited and destroyed. The members work on the contribution to the development of ecological conscience, preservation and improvement of the environment.


Areas of activities:

Protection of waters

Energy efficiency
Healthy life styles
Protection of nature and biodiversity

Waste management and recycling


The areas of activities that we work in are accomplished through various projects supported by international donors and domestic institutions with the aim of achieving sustainable development and the environment protection. A great number of partners from Serbia and abroad participate with us in realization of our projects and support us in the implementation of our projects.


The most important projects that we realized so far:


- International projects devoted to protection of biodiversity and nature: "Who will remember me?" - 2007, "Youth for sustainable development" - 2008, "Youth for Endangered species" - 2009, "Who will remember me?3" - 2010, - We are members of the network “NATURA 2000 - Resursni Centar Srbije” (“NATURA 2000 – Serbian Resources Center”);


- International projects devoted to establishing long-lasting and effective cooperation in Europe for achieving sustainable development through the partnership building activity “Sustainable Development and Youth in Action Programme” – 2008, the partnership building activity “Youth as Main Power of Sustainable Development in Europe” – 2009;


- National and provincial projects devoted to energy efficiency and alternative energy resources: "Energy Efficient Society, Our Aim" - 2007/2008, "Together towards Energy Efficiency" - 2009, "Together towards Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development" – 2009;


- Provincial projects devoted to protection and preservation of water resources: "I Grew Up by the river of Danube..." - 2007, "Think Globally, Measure and Educate Locally – Mobile  laboratory" – 2008 –  we founded a mobile laboratory for sampling surface waters, “Let It Be Known All Around the World what Harms Our Planet” – 2009/2010;

- The project of among-municipality working group for the environment protection and sustainable development in the South Bačka district, that has been done in the cooperation with the South Bačka administrative district, representatives of 10 local self-governments from the territory of the district, The Public Communal Company "Vode Vojvodine" (“The Waters of Vojvodina”), The German Organization for Technical Cooperation GTZ and The Provincial Secretariat for The environment Protection and Sustainable Development. The activities on the project started in 2008 and it is planned that they are on until the year of 2012.

- The city’s project "Štrand trenutak za zdrav eko-kutak" (“Štrand Moment for a Healthy Life Corner”)– 2009, devoted to healthy life styles and the environment protection, organized thanks to the partnership with The Public Communal Company "Gradsko Zelenilo" (“The City’s Greenery”) and with the financial support of The City’s Administrative for The environment protection of Novi Sad;

- Provincial projects devoted to the youth policy in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina "Mladi za mlade" (“The Youth for The Youth”) - 2008, "Mladi to mogu" (“The Youth Can”) - 2009, "Podrška prilikom izrade Akcionog plana politike za mlade u AP Vojvodini 2010-2014" (“The Support in Making The Action Plan for The Youth in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina 2010 – 2014”) – 2010;

- Expertise visits of students of The environment Protection and Ecology Engineering to the ecological institutions and companies that work in the field of the environment protection in Slovenia (2007) and Hungary (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008);

- Participation at The Ministry Conference "The Environment for Europe" 2007 – as members of Serbian delegation, organizers of the program and a stand during the conference.

”The Environment Engineering Group” are also a credible "hosting, sending and coordinating" organization in the frame of the "Youth in Action" program of the European Commission - "Sustainable future" - 2009-Sl-25;


Target groups:

The primary target groups of our projects are: young people aged 14-30 and decision makers at all levels.


Secondary target groups are: businessmen and businesswomen, employees in public companies, the media, general public;




In accordance with the new law on associations, we are currently adjusting the statute and preparing new procedures for memberships, as well as the process of defining commitments and rights of the members.


We expect that new documents and new admissions of members start in the middle of 2010.