Partnership Building Activity - Youth as Main Power of Sustainable Development in Europe

Partnership Building Activity “Youth as Main Power of Sustainable Development in Europe” was implemented in Serbia on the mountain of Rudnik from the 13th to 19th of December 2009. The main themes of the project were raising European awareness and Urban/Rural development and a special focus was on sustainable development.

Youth leaders and youth workers from 23 organizations from 14 countries participated in the project. In a course of six days they had an opportunity to raise their awareness about sustainable development and discuss the philosophy related to sustainable development as a tool for fostering active participation of young people in sustainable development of urban/rural areas and raising European awareness among these groups.


In this PBA youth leaders and workers made conditions for the youth which will be involved in future projects so that their participation in sustainable development increased. A special attention during this PBA was on developing future projects that will include youngsters with fewer opportunities.

Organizations which were included in project were:

From Portugal:
- Associação Cidadania Viva

From Romania:
- Organizatia Studentilor din Arad

From Poland:
- Centre for creative Activity

From Macedonia:
- Youth Forum EYE

From Bosnia and Herzegovina:
- Youth Center “Kosmos”
- Youth Centre “Dervent”

From Turkey:
- Hatay Fortuna Youth Union
- Erciyes Uni. International Youth Office
- EU Youth Cooperation Organization

From Germany: Culture goes Europe

From Latvia: Asssociation of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia

From Bulgaria: Association International initiatives for Cooperation

From Slovenia: Association for civil society of Slovenia

From Spain: Amigos de terra galicia – Xuventude

From Serbia:
- Environmental engineering group

Daily program of the project: “Partnership Building Activity “Youth as the Main Power of Sustainable Development in Europe”.

PBA was realized thanks to support of European Commission programme "Youth in Action"

Projects which developed during the project and which will be applied for in 2010

Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchange “Healthy for life”
The YE ”Healthy for life” was developed in the PBA ”Youth as the Main Power of Sustainable Development in Europe” in Rudnik, Serbia (13/12-19/12/2009). Starting from the fact that the healthy way of living is part of being sustainable we have created a unique possibility for the participants, not only to learn about food and health as important issues, but also to have workshops on intercultural dialogue. Many international programmes are dealing with the issue of genetically modified food. We are planning to involve 30 people from EU and SEE who will be first in Struga, getting theoretical knowledge and afterwards in the hills of Labunista, a village near Struga, Macedonia, for practical experience. There, they will have first-hand experience of natural way of producing food. We will organize an excursion to Ohrid, the city of UNESCO, the cultural centre of our country so the participants can also learn about Macedonia and afterwards they will visit Struga, the poetry centre. This will encourage them to share theirs cultures also. Every night in preparations of intercultural presentations, participants will have help by a cook. Through intercultural presentations the participants will share healthy food and that way present themselves. These young people will spend 9 days together working on this project. The main aim of this project is to exchange experience about different types of food and the way of their production, the dangers of GMF, the way’s of promotion of organically grown food among young people and among local producers. Also, we are planning to make workshops that will have the sustainability as a theme so we can give them hints that awareness of healthy food is only one step to better life.

Youth Exchange YE “Active, Sporty, Healthy!”
“Volunteers Centre Skopje”, along with our partner promoters, would like to realize a youth exchange, which will take place on the shore of the oldest natural lake in Europe, Lake Ohrid. We would like the promote sports and the outdoor activities among youngsters, togethet with the benefits pf these kind of activities. Lake Ohrid and the town of Struga have all of the nessesary things we need, in order to achieve the goals of the exchange. We are going to put the accent on the watter sports, but we are also going to include the so called ground sports.

We trully believe that in the age of large development of the informatics and internet, young people have neglected the importance of sports and the daily ussage of the sport activities. We would like to remind them that doing sport activities is very good, in order of preserving the physical and mental health. The durration of the exchange is 7 days (plus arrival and departure day) and the venue is Struga, Macedonia.

Youth Exchange “Genesis Equilibrium”

We, as the promoters form six European countries, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Poland and Turkey, are planning to organize a youth exchange. 36 young people, including the youth leaders will be involved in it. The venue of the exchange will be the town of Prilep, Macedonia. In a course of 7 days of activity, young participants will have an opportunity to work hand in hand with other youngsters, coming from different European countries and cultures. They will experience intercultural dialogue by brainstorming and actual dealing with the sensitive subject of gender issues and social responsibility. We will create a safe environment, in which every young person will have an opportunity to express his/her own point of view, without being judged or put in uncomfortable position. We are stretching the subject about the gender issues, because we think that despite big improvement of respect of the human rights in Europe, especially in EU countries, we still have to put the focus on this issue until we reach the real gender balance in the society. In the countries from SEE and Turkey, sometimes we even have difficulties to put the gender issues as topics for discussions. This is why we want to use experience from the EU promoters so we could try to open this very important question.

Youth Exchange “Activity 4 sustainability" or Sustainable development and youth”
The main theme of the youth exchange “Sustainable development and youth” is rising of European awareness and sustainable development implementation in the region of participating countries. Objectives of this youth exchange are in cohesion with general objectives of the Youth in Action Programme, meaning that it will promote young active citizenship in general and European citizenship of participants in particular, with special retrospective on sustainable development.

One of the main objectives is to foster mutual understanding between young people from different EU and SEE countries, as well as to promote European cooperation in youth and sustainable development field. These goals will be met by non-formal educational methods and activities like workshops, presentations, short lectures and sporting activities with emphasis on matter-of-fact sustainable development activities.

Youth Exchange “Who will remember me?4”
The main theme of the youth exchange “Who will remember me 4?” is raising European awareness and environmental protection in the region of participating countries. Objectives of this youth exchange are in cohesion with general objectives of the Youth in Action Programme, meaning that it will promote young active citizenship in general and European citizenship of participants in particular, with special retrospective on environmental protection. One of the main objectives is to foster mutual understanding between young people from Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRO Macedonia, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey and Serbia as well as to promote European cooperation in the youth and environmental fields. These goals will be met by non-formal educational methods and activities like workshops, presentations, short lectures, practical activities with emphasis on matter-of-fact environmental activities like tree planting and junk cleaning. 35 young people and 9 youth leaders will participate in the youth exchange. This youth exchange will directly involve 16 young people with fewer opportunities. Youth exchange will take place in beautiful mountains of central Serbia near the town of Gornji Milanovac. This youth exchange is a part of three year long tradition in which we already organized three youth exchanges on this topic, always mixing new and previous partners, so the results which we get through time can be used and improved.

European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service “Green Evolution”
“Green Evolution” is an Action 2 (group EVS) project aimed to promote and spread sustainable ways of living through non-formal & practical education. Between 10-15 volunteers will be equipped with tools, skills and knowledge based o permaculture techniques such as: alternative energy, bioconstructin, agricultre, local economy, crafts, alternative pedagogy, sustainable use of resources, recycling and reuse of waste, community building. In the course of four months in Palmella, Portugal, volunteers will be prepared to pass on these skills & knowlede to their local communities.

Training and Networking

Training course “Sustainable youth exchanges in rural and disadvantages urban areas”
The training course “Sustainable Youth Exchanges in Rural and Disadvantages Urban Areas” aims at building capacities of youth leaders from rural and disadvantaged urban areas to develop, implement and evaluate a good quality youth exchange in a manner of solid, stable and equal partnership with their partners in order to promote active participation and develop their local communities. More specifically, during the project activities participants will have a chance to learn more about all relevant aspects of youth exchanges (youth exchange cycle management, financial management/regulations/documentation, transformation of conflicts and communication in a youth exchange, tools for improvement of the communication on the projects, new non-formal learning methods etc.). Target group of this TC are youth leaders coming from rural and disadvantaged urban areas of EU and SEE. The training will last for 8 days and take place on Mountain Rudnik in Serbia.

Seminar “Climate changes and youth in Europe”
The seminar “Climate Changes and Youth in Europe” will be a platform for discussion and exchange of good practice between youth leaders/workers coming from all around Europe. The seminar will make clear theoretical inputs about climate changes based on facts and last reports coming from UNEP and EU. With all this we will foster mutual understanding of effect of climate changes on life of the youth among youth leader/workers from EU and SEE countries.

The seminar will be realized in the course of 8 days in the first eco-village in the central part of Serbia near Gornji Milanovac.

The Seminar will combine various non-formal working methods: intercultural learning exercises, simulation exercises, and discussions in small groups, role-plays, exercises of the creative thinking, self-assessment inventories and presentations.

After the seminar, we will organize additional dissemination and exploitation of the results of the seminar through promoting E-letter and sending it to our partners and the youth. Contacts which will be made during the seminar will be essential for future project and will provide possibility for multiplying activity presented during the seminar.

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